Shivam Arts Dance Company

Shivam Arts Dance Company is a professional group of highly-skilled, classically trained Kathak dancers who are pushing the boundaries of traditional dance in a modern setting.  The troupe’s bold interpretations frequently incorporate musical styles not typically used in Kathak, such as Irish rhythms, Spanish guitar, African drums, etc. The dance company has also artfully transformed several Bollywood classics into beautiful classical presentations. This approach helps the dance form to be further enriched, entertaining and appealing to today’s audience without losing the traditional aesthetics of the classical dance form.  Shivam Arts Dance Company’s work often explores the intersection of movements possible between traditional Kathak and contemporary dance forms. The result is dance that is innovative and beautiful across all genres. Through such collaboration between movement and music, we can see the versatility of dance across cultures, peoples, and times.

The dancers have all gone through intensive training from renowned Kathak teacher Punam Kumar of Shivam Arts School of Kathak Dance for the last 10-35 years.  

Shivam Arts Dance Company is available to hire for special events corporate or social, performances at educational institutions, performing arts festivals, workshops, school assemblies, performances for children, etc. 

Tell us your vision and we can bring it to life through dance! 

The Company

Sonal Kumar Turakhia

Associate Director, SA School
Managing Director, SA Company
Shivam Arts Principal Dancer

Ayushee Aithal

Marketing Director
Shivam Arts Principal Dancer

Amika Dayal

Social Media Manager
Shivam Arts Principal Dancer

Diviya Gupta

Shreya Gupta

Asmita Jadhav

Shivam Arts Principal Dancer

Hannah Latif

Shivam Arts Principal Dancer

Tanuja Manohar

Shibani Mohanty

Divya Mowji

Shefalee Nandwana

Kajori Purkayastha

Monica Sett

Nisha Sharma

Shivam Arts Principal Dancer

Priya Vallabh

Hetika Vora

Shivam Arts School of Kathak Dance has multiple locations across Southern California and is now enrolling new students!

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(714) 293-4539