Ayushee Aithal

Ayushee Aithal
Marketing Director
Shivam Arts Principal Dancer

Although Ayushee’s initial dance training was in Indian Folk and Bollywood dance, she found her true calling in Kathak. She joined Shivam Arts at age 12 with the simplistic goal of dancing like famed Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit, and eventually set her sights even higher, completing her Kathak solo debut 5 years later. She is grateful for Guru Punam Kumar’s tutelage, under which she was connected to her Indian heritage and exposed to the values of hard work and discipline.

Ayushee holds a Bachelor’s in Neuroscience from USC and a Master’s in Consumer Psychology from NYU. She now finds herself at the intersection of tech and design and is pursuing a career in user experience design. In between dancing and designing, Ayushee seesaws in age, enjoying old Hindi songs on some days and roaming Disneyland on others.

Shivam Arts School of Kathak Dance has multiple locations across Southern California and is now enrolling new students!

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