Asmita Jadhav

Asmita Jadhav
Shivam Arts Principal Dancer

Asmita has been dancing with Punam Ji since she was 5 years old. Dance has always been in her blood; from Kathak at a young age, to jazz in high school, to Latin ballroom in college. It’s been 25+ years but what keeps her dancing Kathak is the cultural connection. Asmita credits her Kathak training which has taught her so much about religion and culture through the stories, music, and dress of this artful dance form. Asmita truly believes Kathak is her connection to who she is.  Having started at a young age, Kathak is a discipline that she is proud to have invested the time, effort, and attention to perfect. She will continue to dance for as long as she possibly can.

Shivam Arts School of Kathak Dance has multiple locations across Southern California and is now enrolling new students!

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